Vertical blinds systems (Sistemas de bandas verticales)

Mono-controlled systems for straight, curved, symmetrical or assymmetrical, hand or electrically operated installations. Choose between traditonal vertical blinds or the newest product: the "Vertical Waves"

  1. General Details
    Vertical Blinds are probably the best systems for exact light control.  Perfect for floor to ceiling applications or smaller installations, inside or outside recess. A very contemporary look – especially with narrower 89 mm louvres.

    Verticle louvres collect little dust and the aluminium headrail combined with hight grade nylon components are virtually maintenance free.

    A system is available for bent as well as sloping windows. Suitable for domestic or comercial applications.

    Vertical Waves
    A new fresh design for the classical vertical blind systems: Silent Gliss, together with Swedish textile designer Eva Marmbrandt developed new, extraordinary and exclusive designs for vertical louvers: the Vertical Waves.
    Vertical Waves is a series of laser cut vertical blinds adjusted to the modern architecture, aiming to create more agreeable sound and light surroundings in public environments.
    Three designs are available: Maria, Annika and Andrea.

    Chain operated

    Crank operated

    Electrically operated

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